[nos-bbs] simplifed setup JNOS

wa7nwp wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Sep 6 01:40:42 EDT 2006

> In general - I don't favor the idea of renaming any of the configuration 
> files.
> That is not to say I like the naming convention invented many years ago 
> - I prefer to not remember two (or more) names for the same function.  

My plan isn't to rename but to add extensions to a few files.  We have:


I'm only planning on changing:

rewrite -> rewrite.txt
alias -> alias.txt

I'd like eventually to have a script, or maybe even a web page, to 
generate the files from a single master file.

I think moving everything into one directory is the biggest gain.

Redoing the documentation for a few name changes and adding the updates
won't be a bad thing either.

Speaking of shuffling...

We have %nos%/help and %nos%/spool/help.  Several other www directories 
in %nos%.

Ok.  Spool is a good place for everything that's dynamic and changing. 
The user files, the messages, etc.   What we're missing is a 'var' for 
additional information.  LIke the two help directories, the web pages, etc.

>> I'll probably completely ifdef out the nos.cfg file to save space.
> Hmmm - optimization of resource by human labor expense.  The on-going 
> saga of computer life.  If you have the time...

In an earlier life I've put all the TNOS text catalog support
into JNOS.  After all those hours, a few if-defs are not a
big deal.

> It sounds like Maiko is looking ahead to PERHAPS porting into a WIN 
> platform where this type of optimization is meaningless?

It won't make a difference there - very true, but I see the other 50%
of the promising future for JNOS in embedded systems like a nslu2 or
wrt54gl.  Those have more then 640K but space is indeed still an issue.

So - Cygwin, DJGPP or Microsoft's free C++ compiler - I wonder which
JNOS will be running under first..  KA9Q NOS and TNOS are already on
DJGPP.  I don't think we're that far from having a whole new "virtual
packet system" on Windows.

> My holy grail is to do the job once and be done with it.

The problem with software is that once you do one job - there
are another half dozen opportunities for doing neat things.  It'll
never end -- and that's a good thing.

> 73
> de Skip k8rra k


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