[nos-bbs] Re: AXUDP

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Apr 21 14:36:40 EDT 2005

I've been thinking about the "AXUPD Backbone" idea here
for a couple days.  It's starting to come together but
I'm still having a bit of trouble grasping just how to
do things with the AXUPD tunnels.

Maybe if I write it out, it'll help and the guru's on
here can set me straight on any misconceptions.

Key goals are to be robust and dynamic.   If one of the
core servers goes away, all connectivity between remaining
servers should be maintained.

If one of the core servers adds a resource, say a dxcluster
tool (thanks again Bob...) then it should automatically show
up on the other servers.

(Is Netrom really broken on all 2.6 kernels?  That's scary!)

Taking it the next step.  I have access to 6 servers.  I'm
envisioning that each would have a tunnel to at least two or
three of the others.  To all five if we get really ambitious.

New idea #1 from this email...   Define servers in DNS and use
it for routing.
  svr1.wa.org  IP xxx   (wa is for Washington)
  srv2.wa.org  IP yyy
  srv3.wa.org  IP zzz

So srv2 would have links to 1 and 3, etc.  Also make the AXUDP
port names equivalent.  AXUPD at srv1.wa.org would be WASRV1.

Now if any server changes - simply change DNS.  Other servers would
only have to reload the configuration.  (( I think ampr.org
should do it this way too but that's beside the point... )) 

Now I have two tunnels.   I need to send my local resource info
there.  Netrom broadcasts will go out the tunnel - but here's where
it gets tricky - how does the connection come back?

Netrom at SRV2  sees that there is a DXCluster at SRV1, but the
path TO SRV1 is "VIA" the WASRV1 port.  Netrom has to connect to
the SRV1 Netrom VIA WASRV1.  I don't think it can just connect
to WASRV1.

Or am I making this harder then it really is?   On SRV1 do I just
setup up tunnels to WASRV2 at srv2.wa.org and WASRV3 at srv3.wa.org
and tell netrom to broadcast on the AXIP port.  (Hmm.  Idea#2 - better
name that AXUDP port since that's what we're using...)

Do I set up the AXUDP ports for D (digi) or T (tnc) mode?

I know this is Linux and not NOS - so far.  NOS fits in as a resource
server (or servers) running on the Linux boxes.

Time to tweak the systems..

Bill - WA7NWP

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