[nos-bbs] Re: AXUDP and APRS

Andre v Schayk andre at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Mon Apr 18 15:23:00 EDT 2005

Andre v Schayk schreef:

> The same level of securety as used in the aprs-is is good enough for 
> the lawmakers so I guess it is good enough for us too.
> I have been thinking a bit about this the last few days and I feel a 2 
> tier network would work fine (a set of hubs and leaves and clients 
> connecting to the leaves)
> The hubs might need a lot more bandwith then the aprs system especialy 
> when people start sending large files. to make sure no loops accure no 
> packets should be send back to the link it came from and there has to 
> be only one outgoing link active at the same time.
> to reduce the bandwith needed for the leaves only the packets that 
> need to go to the clients of the leaves need to be send to the leaves.
> For securety and setting up the routing I think a control link shoudl 
> be set up in a simular way it is used in ftp where the login and 
> commands are done on one port and the data is send over another 
> flexable link. the setup system could be an initial route is setup to 
> the call a client logs in with and aditional calls clients want to get 
> can be requested trough the control link, leaves can pass the needed 
> calls on to the hubs in the same way as leave are technicaly clients 
> to the hubs, the hubs don´t need to know what is behind the leaves 
> that way.
> the only systems that get all the trafic is the central hub.
> the system can be something like:
> clients->leave->hub->hub<-hub<-leave<-clients
> when a leave connects to another leave that seccond leave becomes 
> automaticly a hub, it´s a bit like how an irc network works only the 
> system does not have to know who is connected, all it needs to know is 
> what needs to be send to what incomming link and to send everything 
> except what came from the outgoing link to the outgoing link.
> if there are any questions or comments about what I proposed let me 
> know and I´ll try to clearify it.
I started work on the command link, it´s being based on aprsd, when I 
have a first version of the command interface working I´ll post a link 
where you can download it to test for yourself, that won´t have any 
axip/udp functions but the linking of command channels should work, 
afteral that is "just" some stripping and adopting of the aprsd code.

I´ll keep you all posted.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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