[nos-bbs] Re: AXUDP and APRS - configuring

Demetre Valaris sv1uy at ham.depa.gr
Sat Apr 16 17:51:48 EDT 2005

Bill Vodall wrote:

>I'm using 44.24.253.x numbers for the 3 kissattaches.  .1, .2 and .3...
>Here's an example stripped down ax25ipd.conf file:
>socket udp
>mode tnc
>beacon after 540
>btext ax25ip -- tncmode bill/wa7nwp -- Experimental AXIP gateway
>device /dev/ttyq0
>speed 9600
>loglevel 2
>broadcast QST-0 NODES-0
>route wayy b
>route wapbi b
>Note the wayy and wapbi are aliases fo "WAshington Net - ac7YY, ka7PBI"
>#  axports on my system - has the following line:
>AXIP WANWP 9600 256 1 axip port
>Ok..  What silly little thing am I missing here?
>Bill - WA7NWP
Hi Bill,

This is what I use between my LINUX and Windows XP boxes in order to 
have DIGI_NED and javAPRS which run in the LINUX box talk APRS to AGW 
and UIview which run in the Windows XP box. These boxes are connected 
via Ethernet.

I run my APRS (UIview) locally not using TCP/IP but AX25 via the AXIP 
port. This is because I want my UIview to have a longer PATH than the 
javAPRS and this cannot be accomplished by using TCP/IP connection to 
the IGATE.

So here is my /etc/ax25ipd.conf that makes this configuration work.

socket udp 93
mode tnc
device /dev/ttyqf
speed 9600
loglevel 2
route sv1uy udp 93 d

73 de Demetre SV1UY

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