[nos-bbs] Re: AXUDP and APRS - configuring

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Sat Apr 16 15:04:31 EDT 2005

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005, Bill Vodall wrote:

> Putting that all together has given me a personal goal of building
> a small network of Linux servers for the Section with
> a TCP/IP "backbone" and RF ports to local neighborhoods.   My idea is to

I've been fighting this with 3 Linux boxes for the past couple days.  There's
probably some silly thing keeping it from working...

3 Suse Linux boxes.  2 on DSL and 1 on Comcast cable.  All three are
ON THE AIR with AX25 packet and Netromd appears to be working.

I'm trying to interconnect all 3 systems with AXUDP.

I'm assuming I'll be able to see the incoming Netrom broadcasts on
the AXIP port from the other two.  That's the first step.

All this TNC/DIGI mode settings is confusing.

All systems have ax25ipd.conf configured, kissattach on a pseudo tty
which is then attached by ax25ipd.

All three sites have PORT 93 on the internet forward to the Linux

I'm using 44.24.253.x numbers for the 3 kissattaches.  .1, .2 and .3...

Here's an example stripped down ax25ipd.conf file:

socket udp
mode tnc
beacon after 540
btext ax25ip -- tncmode bill/wa7nwp -- Experimental AXIP gateway
device /dev/ttyq0
speed 9600
loglevel 2
broadcast QST-0 NODES-0
route wayy b
route wapbi b

Note the wayy and wapbi are aliases fo "WAshington Net - ac7YY, ka7PBI"

#  axports on my system - has the following line:

AXIP WANWP 9600 256 1 axip port

Ok..  What silly little thing am I missing here?

Bill - WA7NWP

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