[nos-bbs] Re: AXUDP and APRS

wa7nwp at jnos.org wa7nwp at jnos.org
Fri Apr 8 20:07:01 EDT 2005

>> But can RFA (on BOXA) connect to BOXB without the digipeater ?
> No you would need a digipeater of some type.

That'll be close to working.   I'll experiment with the other tools.

> I'm surprised that the APRS internet system was not initially started as
> a collection of AXIP or AXUDP tunnels between the participating systems,
> with the core servers being nothing more than a specialized form of AX25
> router.

The folks that started the APRS network had no prior experience
with packet.   They didn't know what was out there so they
did a lot of re-inventing...

They still don't know what else is available.  NIH syndrome.

I should have some "aprs" tunnels available soon...  It'll be fun
to see what we can do.


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