[nos-bbs] Remote AX25 Attach with JNOS

maiko at pcs.mb.ca maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Apr 8 01:09:23 EDT 2005

Bill wrote :

> I have a linux box with a RF port AX0 and an AXUPD port
> Au0 (or whatever) -- is there some way to route ALL the packet
> traffic on AX0, from RF, out the AXUDP port so the remote
> system see's it ?

In JNOS that would be a type of cross port digi :

Let's say I have an AXUDP from BOXA to BOXB, and it would
be configured something like the following :

  attach axudp au0 256 44.a.b.c AUGAT

where 44.a.b.c is ip address of BOXB. Note the callsign AUGAT !

Let's say that on BOX A I also have an RF ax25 port. I'm not
sure if you know this already Bill, but any station on RF at
the BOXA side, can actually connect to BOXB without the need
to first connect to BOXA.

Any station on RF on the BOXA side would simply do something like :

     c BOXB via AUGAT

JNOS will see the AUGAT digi in the RF connect and automatically
route the connect request to BOXB.

Get this ! TNOS takes it one step further and will actually let you
do the same and have a station on RF at BOXA be able to connect to a
station on RF off the BOXB machine (via the axudp, without ever having
to connect to EITHER BOXA or BOXB directly !

That is a VERY powerful feature and has been around for a long time,
and could technically make an interesting form of APRS backbone I suppose
had someone noticed it back in the days when APRS first started :-(

> Anybody thinking about dynamic AXUDP setups ? ...

I don't know what you're getting at. Please explain.


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