[hfsig] WsprryPi sends tone only for a few seconds

Simon Quellen Field sfield at scitoys.com
Wed Apr 18 20:38:31 EDT 2018

To see if the Pi's sound hardware was making the PiCW output go silent, I
both disabled the sound module and ran the program from the console without
the GUI.

James' comments said to edit /etc/modules and comment out the snd-bcm2835
On the latest NOOBS, that file did not have such a module.
I did find an entry in /boot/config.txt that said to comment it out to
prevent the bcm2835 module from loading, so I commented that line out and
rebooted to the console to try again.
There was no change -- the program sends a few characters and then goes

Can someone else try loading the latest NOOBS onto an SD card and seeing if
PiCW and/or WsprryPi work for you?

In the meantime, I will figure out how to load Jessie or Ubuntu onto my Pi,
and see if that gets me on the air.

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