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Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Wed Dec 27 07:02:18 EST 2006

Hi Murray,

Thanks for the reply, yes I downloaded your software and will have a look 
at it. I will need to make the interface and get it going. The reason I 
originally looked for the mailbox type solution is for my  motorcycle is, I 
did a trip in South Africa last year and had no comms with me. I was 
intending to put together va portable Pactor/HF packet setup with my ICOM 
703 10 watt radio, this means I can use a PDA to send and read mail 
only,  from my SCS PTC-IIex  DSP TNC. Carrying a laptop on a BMW R1150GS 
motorcycle off-road,  is a big ask :-) not to mention the mailbox system 
will always be "on" while the bike is mobile etc. The power budget also 
needs to cover a laptop, which would be hard on the machine's 14 amp hour 
So now you have some history on the statements in my initial post etc. By 
the way, the DSP TNC is very good at resolving noisy signals......,far 
better than my old TNC-320 of yesteryear!



At 09:08 PM 12/27/2006 +1300, you wrote:
>I'm not personally in favour of mail type HF operation, so my response 
>will be coloured somewhat...
>The best HF digital activity these days is in the area of chat modes. You 
>have been operating PSK31, so you know what I mean. You need to check out 
>especially the new DominoEX mode (www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/DOMINO), which is way 
>easier to use than most other modes, and gives much better performance 
>than PSK31, especially as you intend to operate portable. DominoEX is 
>especially suited to 80m evenings.
>There are some ACTIVE HF mail systems, but with the exception of the 
>relatively new PSKmail (which uses a LINUX platform), they use proprietary 
>(and expensive) modems. These systems also use quite a bit of bandwidth.
>You are within range of ZL during the evening on 80m. We have an active 
>digital modes net on 3560kHz LSB, and most evenings at present you will 
>hear me and Con ZL2AFP on the frequency. We would be very pleased to work 
>you in DominoEX to demonstrate its capabilities. The software is on the 
>above website, and will operate on an old 133MHz laptop easily, so great 
>for portable use.
>Murray ZL1BPU
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