[hfsig] Performance of 24/192 soundcards? USB Soundcards

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
Mon Sep 20 09:19:24 EDT 2004

The M-Audio Delta 44 (and others in that series) are good to
96 Khz (or thereabouts) when you up the sample rate to 192 Khz.

The Lynx L22 is the same.

Delta 44 $140

Lynx L22  $900  !!!!

Let me be more emphatic than I was at DCC.  I have not found
a single USB sound card that works at ALL in full duplex mode
(necessary for SDR-1000) under Linux.

I have recently discovered much more to my dismay.  ALSA is not
ready for prime time.  It is a complete and total JOKE compared
to 4Front OSS or Windows sound system support.  In my not so
humble opinion,  the open source/GPL community should be forced
to give up their paying jobs every time they make a forward looking
statement that is not supported by experience.  I have YET to
get an ALSA supported card to record on my Linux box.  I am still
desperately beating on this to get a free open source solution
for this.  In the interim, in support of this project, I have
purchased 4Front OSS support for my Lynx L22 and Delta 44.

Jack is a neat thing and will probably be usable in a about a
year. ;-(.

I am completely disgusted with Linux multimedia open source
support.  It is appalling.


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There was some discussion at the ARRL/TAPR DCC of 24-bit, 192 ks/s
soundcards. Doing a google search on the subject leads to a few cards that
actually have 192 ks/s for both the ADC and DAC (and allow sampling at
192k). Unfortunately none of the sites list the frequency response of these
cards at the maximum sample rate (or any rate, for that matter).

Does anyone on the list have information about the frequency response of
these higher-performance cards? On the one hand, it could be just the same
as current sound cards (about 20 KHz.) On the other, they could have
something approaching 80KHz. Can't seem to find which by looking over the
various PCI and USB cards.

	-- Tom, N5EG

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