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MJ Inabnit ke6sls at arrl.net
Tue Feb 14 00:44:22 EST 2023

I have typically had outstanding correspondence & dealings with our
league, the ARRL.  Everything from technical exchanges to requesting
assistance with our local club operations.  I know that most of these
folks are working in a mostly voluntary capacity which I find

QST is how I learned about amateur radio.  I'd buy the rag at a local
store and read with fascination all the articles, and try to decipher
the esoteric language.  It was, and is, a delightful magazine.  I am
perpetually educated, even after 30 years of hamming.

The current problem is a complicated one.  I'll be buggered if I am
going to kick the ARRL in the teeth over this.  They've been doing
amazing work supporting amateur radio and resisting political &
financial challenges to remove amateurs from the radio spectrum for over
100 years.  The ARRL is the *only* viable force pushing to ensure I have
the right to be a ham.

If I had not become disabled, I would've enjoyed becoming a life member.
 I am and will always be grateful to all those who are/were able to
devote years of their lives in service to the amateur radio service.

Jaye ke6sls

On 2/13/23 3:03 PM, wa7skg wrote:
> Very typical non-response from ARRL. One of the main reasons I have
> nothing to do with them. I'm kind of surprised she didn't tell you "The
> answer is clearly laid out in our ABCDE Manual, available from the ARRL
> Bookstore for only $39.95 + shipping and handling. Just go to the
> website, drill down through 27 ad filled pages, provide every possible
> piece of contact information, your credit card info and a liter of blood
> and we'll send it on its way to you in six to eight months. For your
> added pleasure, we'll load up your mailbox with lots and lots of offers
> for every useless publication and announcement imaginable for the rest
> of your life."


wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--via the toshiba w/thunderchicken

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