[aprssig] arrl.net domain e-mail sending failures?

Michael Pittaro mikeyp at lhrc.com
Mon Feb 13 21:10:44 EST 2023

[I edited the subject; I hope it doesn't break threading. ]

I'm not sure the ARRL will really be able to fix this in the long term by
changing their SPF record.  At some point, we have to face reality - SPF
was designed to prevent exactly what we're trying to do here!

Changing to a Pass for all origins would enable massive spoofing for the
arrl.net domain - not what we want. Changing to a Neutral or Soft Fail for
unknown origins will just punt the decision to the recipient servers, That
_should_ allow delivery, but IMHO recipient servers are probably going to
tighten up in the future.

The ACM offers a similar forwarding service in the acm.org domain.  The ACM
SPF record uses ~all / SoftFail for unknown origins.

I'm not sure what the long term fix is short of the ARRL providing full
email services.  Maybe providing an outgoing forwarding server using SRS
might be part of a solution (http://www.open-spf.org/SRS/)

mike, kjcvcp
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