[aprssig] Open Source/Commercial Use acceptable APRS Alternative?

SARTrack CEO info at sartrack.nz
Tue Aug 8 17:51:00 EDT 2023


SARTrack would be probably the best option on the receiving end.

It can decode APRS, AIS, Kenwood, Icom, Tait Motorola, Hytera, and 
several Satellite trackers... all at the same time and overlaid on the 
Map. And it is free :)

Many years ago I have been approached by the The Burning Man organizers, 
if it would be possible to have a drawing/image of the 'town' overlaid 
on the Map system. Which yes, can be done. I think I may even still have 
the design of the town somewhere on my system.

In the meantime SARTrack has way more capabilities then it had back 
then, with the current Database system which allows all data to be 
shared live between all SARTrack Client's, using a Local Database Server 
and/or an Internet Server.

If you would be interested in using SARTrack, I would be happy to have a 
look at decoding alternate location packets (LoRa?).



On 8/08/2023 14:22, wa7skg wrote:
> I stand (OK, sit) corrected. OpenTRAC was not from Australia. SARTrack 
> is from New Zealand and is alive and well and has developed into a 
> significant resource management suite.
> https://www.sartrack.co.nz/

Bart Kindt
SARTrack Developer and CEO

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