[aprssig] Options for robust digipeaters

Jim (List) jim.list at stuckinthemud.org
Tue Feb 9 02:45:40 EST 2021

Wow, many thanks for the replies, a huge amount of very useful information 😊

ULARI VHF7W - Finally an all-in-one that has a radio bigger than 1W !! Will follow that project with particular interest as that would be a good option for a rucksack-mounted personnel tracker for remote areas. Given it's newness and being Linux-based, I wouldn’t trust it for long-term remote use (or at least not until the firmware matures a lot).

RPI-based systems - I'm not adverse to using a RPi's but as other have said, reliability is key and I'd be nervous about the remote environment. I use RPi 3/4's elsewhere (a few things around the house and MMDVM kit) so aware of the pitfalls, although reboots aren't usually needed, "full OS" systems still need kicking from time to time. Fine for the control/centre environment.

Microsat WX3in1 - Hadn't come across that range, that would fit the requirement well and, as KC5EVE said, is an embedded system, not a full computer so likely to be more reliable for long-term use (and if it needs a remote reset, isn't going to randomly fail to boot!).

Tracker4 - Had good experiences in the past with Argent data stuff (most of our vehicle-based tracking systems are the original OT1). Not kept up with the T4, looks interesting but no iGate so the WX3in1 would win there.

Power consumption is a consideration, but not always an issue.


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