[aprssig] AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus (Follow Up #2)

Stephen H Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Dec 9 23:00:40 EST 2021

On 12/9/2021 10:07 PM, Stephen H Smith via aprssig wrote:
> I just realized you are referring to the AT-D878 II Plus.  I was talking 
> about the earlier non-Plus version. The manual for the earlier version makes 
> no mention of APRS, particularly on receive.  Some web sites (as I cited 
> previously) say it can be made to transmit analog FM APRS beacons.
> Apparently, the Plus version CAN both send and receive APRS posits, although 
> a lot of users are finding it difficult to set up.   Apparently, you must 
> have the configuration/setup software for the PC, and the oddball connecting 
> cable to do it.      I don't know if it has any messaging capability ala a 
> Kenwood APRS handheld.
Just downloaded the latest version of the manual for the AT-D878-xxxx which 
covers at least FIVE versions of this radio. the current manual provides this 
convenient features comparison matrix:   Be sure what version we are talking 
about when it comes to APRS capability.....

Model Name:           D868UV   D878UV D878UV PLUS   D878UVII   D878UVII PLUS
Included:             GPS      GPS      GPS & BT GPS        GPS & BT
Top P3 button:        Red      Blue     Blue          Green Green
Analog APRS TX:       No       Yes      Yes           Yes Yes
Analog APRS RX:       No       No       No            No Yes
Digital APRS TX:      Yes      Yes      Yes           Yes Yes
Digital APRS RX:      No       Yes      Yes           Yes Yes
Air band RX:          No       No       No            No No
Memory IC capacity:   0.5G     1G       1G            2G 2G
Digital Contact       200000   200000   200000        500000 500000
Firmware/CPS          D868UV   D878UV   D878UV        D878UVII D878UVII

Mind-boggling that we are now rating the memory capacity of ham hand-helds in 

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