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Based on the e-mail below I went to


For those who want to "try this at home" with the Kenwood TM-D710GA
Item           Menu #
MYCALL    600
Status txt   608
Comment   607
Icon            610

After transmitting my Kenwood TH-D74a displayed the beacon, but there was
no indication that it was an object. Did I miss something?

To make an object on the TH-D74a access Menu # 516
After selecting which Objectx you want to use press the right arrow
Continue down setting things as desired.
Sadly, when specifying lat/long there doesn't appear to be a "here" soft
button, so location entry will be manual.

When you're done composing the object get back to the default screen, then
hit (F)6.
A red "OBJ" will appear to the right of where the red "BCOM" usually
Then beacon the object.

It took some time for the TM-D710GA close to the TH-D74a to display the
It was, indeed, displayed as an object.


On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 10:20 AM Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> Adding APRS objects from the Mobile is a very valuable skill!
> To create objects in the field from the front panel of your D7XX radio,
> You need to change the MYCALL momentarily when you send the
> observided situation.  Maybe the symbol as well.  But unless you change
> the MYCALL for the transmission then it is just a symbol with your callsign
> that then disappears as soon as you move.
> And the MYCALL is limited to 6 letters, so it is a challenge to come up
> with a unique name for that object.  AND it has to be unique from other
> operators as well.  But the value will be in the symbol staying on the
> map  You could also change the STATUS to give amplifying info
> but that is laborous too.
> Examples might be FIRExx, OBJxxx, XYZxxx where XYZ is your callsign
> suffix, AMBxxx for ambulance, WRCKxx. TREExx
> Change the MYCALL, and then TX a few times until you are sure
> you ahve seen a few MYPACKETs that confirm the digi digipeated it.
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