[aprssig] Displaying changing symbols along station path

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Aug 22 16:19:34 EDT 2021

Adding APRS objects from the Mobile is a very valuable skill!

To create objects in the field from the front panel of your D7XX radio,
You need to change the MYCALL momentarily when you send the
observided situation.  Maybe the symbol as well.  But unless you change
the MYCALL for the transmission then it is just a symbol with your callsign
that then disappears as soon as you move.

And the MYCALL is limited to 6 letters, so it is a challenge to come up
with a unique name for that object.  AND it has to be unique from other
operators as well.  But the value will be in the symbol staying on the
map  You could also change the STATUS to give amplifying info
but that is laborous too.

Examples might be FIRExx, OBJxxx, XYZxxx where XYZ is your callsign
suffix, AMBxxx for ambulance, WRCKxx. TREExx

Change the MYCALL, and then TX a few times until you are sure
you ahve seen a few MYPACKETs that confirm the digi digipeated it.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 3:11 PM <carcarx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Scenario: Event/disaster in which there may be trees down/debris  across roads,
> power lines down, road washouts, etc.
> Boots-on-the-ground action: Change the station beacon symbol to reflect to
> current position's condition and then beacon
> Desired result: Stations listening to map those conditions will see the changing
> icons, not just the beginning/ending icon and "neutral" symbols showing the path of the station.
> Given that most mobiles/HTs use Mic-E this may complicate matters.
> For popular APRS "mapping" clients what configuration is needed for the desired
> result?
> Thank you!
> Craig/KH6CP
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