[aprssig] Repeater 'telemetry'

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Mon Sep 7 08:31:53 EDT 2020

I'd personally approach this with an Arduino board (Atmel 
microcontroller), which have digital and analog inputs. There are a few 
APRS tracker firmware packages for Arduino boards. At least the ones used 
in high-altitude balloon projects are capable of transmitting telemetry 
already. 1-wire temperatures sensors are easy to support too.

So you could have 1-wire temperature sensors in the places you want them 
(in, out, PA heat sink, battery?). Power/SWR readings would need to be 
converted to voltages, which can then be read on the analog inputs of the 
atmel chip. Same thing for DC voltages; alternatively A/D converters can 
be put behind the 1-wire bus.

Here's one starting point: https://github.com/trackuino/trackuino
building: http://hab.education/pages/trackuino.html

Some programming required to meet all the requirements, should be fun.

On Mon, 7 Sep 2020, David Andrzejewski via aprssig wrote:

> I would want to know:
> * Battery voltage and charge status. Bonus: Battery voltage under load.
> * Solar info (whatever that might be, I don't know a lot about solar)
> * Output power and SWR.
> Of course, all the stuff to do this and make the measurements consumes even more power!
> There is a telemetry spec in APRS, and if I recall correctly, you send one packet that defines what the telemetry fields mean,
> and then another with the actual telemetry data.
> - Dave/ad8g
> September 6, 2020 11:17 PM, "Michael Pittaro" <mikeyp at lhrc.com> wrote:
>       I've taken on an analog repeater project. Since the repeater will be off-grid and somewhat remote, I think it might
>       be a good idea to monitor telemetry over packet or APRS.
> What sort of hardware / software combinations are typically used for this type of setup? Mostly, I"m interested in
> environmentals and things like battery status / charge status, and possibly repeater activity.
> I'm pretty sure I can figure it all out, but hoping there might be some established patterns I can copy. Hardware and
> software skills aren't an issue, and I'm assuming there will be custom interfacing, but I really don't want to build it all
> from scratch unless necessary.
> I'll summarize any responses.
> Thanks,
> mike, kj6vcp

   - Hessu

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