[aprssig] Repeater 'telemetry'

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Sep 7 14:00:45 EDT 2020

Sounds like your project might be a good fit for one of my devices, if 
your project can wait a month or two. The Tracker4 and the as-yet 
unreleased ADS-SR2 repeater controller share most of their firmware and 
will have a lot of overlap. Both have support for Modbus RTU over 
RS-485, and the hardware support for 1-wire sensors is there but not 
implemented yet. They have a Basic scripting system to simplify 
telemetry setup, so you can use arbitrary sensors and do any conversion 
math you might need.

They also have network support and can be configured and monitored 
remotely if you have network access at the site, and EchoLink support is 
largely working.

QST came out with a favorable review of the Tracker4 about a year ago 
and we were just starting to catch up with the surge in demand when the 
coronavirus hit, which screwed up the supply chain and decimated our 
non-ham product sales and we're just starting to put the pieces back 
together. Trying to keep up with production on a skeleton crew using our 
tiny in-house pick-and-place setup has been killing productivity but 
this week I'm getting the big stuff outsourced to a contract 
manufacturer in Texas so I can finally get back to writing code.


On 9/6/2020 8:19 PM, David Andrzejewski via aprssig wrote:
> I would want to know:
> * Battery voltage and charge status. Bonus: Battery voltage under load.
> * Solar info (whatever that might be, I don't know a lot about solar)
> * Output power and SWR.
> Of course, all the stuff to do this and make the measurements consumes 
> even more power!
> There is a telemetry spec in APRS, and if I recall correctly, you send 
> one packet that defines what the telemetry fields mean, and then 
> another with the actual telemetry data.
> - Dave/ad8g
> September 6, 2020 11:17 PM, "Michael Pittaro" <mikeyp at lhrc.com 
> <mailto:mikeyp at lhrc.com?to=%22Michael%20Pittaro%22%20<mikeyp at lhrc.com>>> 
> wrote:
>     I've taken on an analog repeater project. Since the repeater will
>     be off-grid and somewhat remote, I think it might be a good idea
>     to monitor telemetry over packet or APRS.
>     What sort of hardware / software combinations are typically used
>     for this type of setup? Mostly, I"m interested in environmentals
>     and things like battery status / charge status, and possibly
>     repeater activity.
>     I'm pretty sure I can figure it all out, but hoping there might be
>     some established patterns I can copy. Hardware and software skills
>     aren't an issue, and I'm assuming there will be custom
>     interfacing, but I really don't want to build it all from scratch
>     unless necessary.
>     I'll summarize any responses.
>     Thanks,
>     mike, kj6vcp
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