[aprssig] What is APRS, really?

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> In Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, one of the most prized information
> assett was a map of passable and impassable roads. It was gathered by
> hams.
>    Don't conflate APRS with conventional ham radio which performed well.
> APRS was a non-factor

Gathering the data would be a lot quicker with APRS, especially when some
sections of an island may have different names for geographical landmarks!

> Here in Hawaii we demonstrated how APRS could quickly pinpoint such
> problems by using
> HTs, some with integrated APRS and others without...
>  Was that a drill? A hurricane hasn't hit Oahu in 20 years. And that was
> an oddity

Can you tell me who many times in the last 4 years Oahu has been in a
hurricane warning? Evidently not!
This little set of islands in the middle of a large ocean values

> ...The DoD is even getting into APRS-similar portable services for
> battlefield management.
>    Time flies when you're having fun. DOD (Navy) is not getting, but GOT
> into that business over half a century ago. The Navy Tactical Data System
> (NTDS) was a pioneering unconnected data sharing system. I believe Bob
> Bruninga was involved. My suspicion is that NTDS was the germ for the idea
> of APRS. (Bob?).
Thanks for admitting that APRS like services are relevant!
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