[aprssig] PCSAT (NO44) still alive (barely)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 24 01:47:13 EST 2020

I just happened to look at the downlink page for PCSAT (operational since
2001) and it is alive as usual.  You can see that it only has enough
battery power to stay alive for about 2 to 10 minutes per pass when it
comes into the sun.  Telemetyry counter gets as high as T#010,  But still I
see a few people using it.

Amateur Radio Stations heard via Satellite (findu.com)

FOr those who dont remember, it defaults to the callsign W3ADO-1 on its A
side (145.825) but it also has a downlink PCSAT-11 on 144.39 when over the
western hemisphere and those packets are being picked up by the normal
terrestrial network.  So there is a chance when you are in your mobile and
traffic is light and PCSAT just happens to fly over and just happens to be
in the few minutes that it is alive, then you might get the PCSAT-11 on
your mobile!

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