[aprssig] Satellite notification based on Mic-E status

Eric H. Christensen eric at aehe.us
Sun Nov 22 10:39:19 EST 2020

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On Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:47 PM, Frank Krizan <frank at krizan.org> wrote:

> Hi Lynn and Eric,
> What Eric may have been thinking of is/was ASTARS (http://www.aprs.org/astars.html .  It utilized a team of 'local' stations which ran predictions for APRS based satellites and transmitted a message with predictions for the next hour to hour and a half, or so.  It was a very handy feature when you were in the field and didn't have a computer handy -- and this was pre-smartphone.  

I read this a few times yesterday *before* posting here and never caught the section about setting the Mic-E to CUSTOM-3 to receive (if I'm reading it correctly).  This may be what I was thinking about.

> It could still be a great function for backpackers who might find themselves with a dead cellphone, assuming their APRS HT still had power.

Which is what I was thinking about (among other situations).  It would be nice to be notified, while hiking or driving, that a pass was coming without having to look at a phone.

Eric WG3K

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