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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 15 12:02:45 EST 2020

Subject: Re: APRS Meteor test (TX list)?
To: Marshall-K5QE, Bill Booth <ve3nxk, GEO Badger <w3ab, Andrew Pavlin
(YAAC), wa8lmf(UIview)
Cc: kd4iz at frawg.org>

We have seen only a few volunteer TX stations (mostly from the EME
> reflector) and I dont think I have cpaatured anyone from AMSAT or APRS that
> have stepped forward,

Biggest problem is lack of a turn key TX program for these non APRS
volunteers.  No one has said they are ready to TX.
Maybe a few of you are working on it, but  Im not hearing anything.  I'm
sorry that I am so poor health I cannot organize it better.  Just thought I
should summarize the feedback I have gotten.

The ADDEE's are high power mostly EME stations.  Did anyone see anyone else
that responded as if they were working on something?

If we dont have a turnkey TX program, I guess we can stand down.


> To clarify exactly what a high power TX station needs to send is say 30
> copies of the APRS grid format in a single burst  IE send this to the TNC
> every minute:
> >GG##gg<CR>
> >GG##gg<CR>
> >GG##gg<CR>
> >GG##gg<CR>
> ...
> >GG##gg<CR>
> >GG##gg<CR>
>  The TNC will concatenate probably seven to ten of these at a timel into
> dense TX packets with only a single TX delay, not 30 delays.
> The TNC has UNPROTO set to simply "APRS" no path! And set to CONVErSE..
> Adjust the number (30?) till the TX burst lasts 15 seconds each minute.
> The result is 30 complete grids in only 200 milliseconds each.  Hopefully
> short enough so that occasionally one will get bounced somewhere by the
> extremely short meteor path bursts at VHF.
> Point beam to a high ham population density at least 600 miles away.
> Vertical or Horizontal will work.
> This  will take special software for the 15  TX stations.  (METEOR-1
> through METEOR-15)
> RX stations need nothing special.  Any APRS software should capture and
> decode and plot a grid report if received overnight.  All of this on the
> national channel 144.39 from midniight to 6 AM local time
> Here is the report form 1998 event
>  http://aprs.org/APRS-docs/LEONIDS.TXT
> Bob WB4APR
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