[aprssig] 6m APRS activity on 50.62 MHz???

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 15 11:52:36 EST 2020

Please update me on 50.62 activity.  (anywhere in the country),  I just
donated my old (unconverted) 100W mobile rigs to MMARSI.org
Im in too poor health to do anything anymore.  But are the WashDC area 6m
digis still up?
I may even have my mobile 6m rig in th eback of the car if I ever unloaded
all the junk on top of it.

If there are stations, you have a good shot at MS as is.  Just look at your
receipts on Tuesday morning.

On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 12:24 AM Jack Cochran <nokesradio at gmail.com> wrote:

> Looks like fun I'll be monitoring
> Remember us on 50.62 aprs we get openings all the time
> wc4j at wc4j.com
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 11:56 PM <donovanf at erols.com> wrote:
>> From Robert Bruninga, WB4APR   bruninga at usna.edu
>> ........
>> We are seeking Amsat operators with beams and high power on VHF to
>> participate in this coming Monday night's Leonids Meteor Shower APRS test.
>> So far, no one on the APRS list seems to have any power and beams to be a
>> transmitting station.  If you have high power and a beam, please help us.
>> Here is the pitch:
>> With the Leonids Meteor shower coming up after Midnight next Monday (Tues
>> AM), maybe its time to have some fun with APRS again!
>> Last time we did this was 1998 and over 48 MS packets were seen over 500
>> to
>> 600 miles on the APRS channel..  Here is the report:
>> http://aprs.org/APRS-docs/LEONIDS.TXT
>> THis year I propose not a free-for-all but just a few HIGH power stations
>> transmitting and everyone else in the country checks the next morning to
>> see what they copied..  Best TX stations are those with several
>> hundred watts and a beam.  Even one such station would be a great test,
>> because on 144.39 we would have maybe 10,000 full time normal APRS
>> stations
>> as receivers. In retirement, i dont have the power nor the beam
>> But it would go something like this.  Up to 15 TX stations around the
>> country would TX a continuous keydown string of short packets for 15
>> seconds every minute. Xmission is on the 144.39 national APRS channel to
>> maximize the number of people that might copy one.  Transmissions begin at
>> midnight local time and runs to 6 AM only to minimize any interference to
>> other operators. We all wake up the next morning to see what we got.  Yes,
>> this will burn the local channel within about 20 miles of the TX station.
>> but since the packets have no path, they can only be heard in simplex
>> range
>> of a transmitter and everyone is sleeping anyway.
>> But if a meteor happens, someone within about 400 to 600 miles is likely
>> capture it.  Remember, the APRS channel load in most areas is only a
>> packet
>> every 3 or 4 seconds and that gives everyone a receive window of 75% of
>> the
>> total slots available.  And even if the TX stations are not even
>> synchronized it doesnt matter because a given meteor path only exists for
>> a
>> fraction of a second and only between two fixed 100 mile or so areas for
>> that instant.
>> The original APRSdos had Meteor Mode built in and did the timing and
>> transmissions.  WIth a very short packet and  short TXD a single key down
>> could transmit about 30 packets during each 15 second period.
>> Any high power TX volunteers?
>> Oh, here is the original page:  http://aprs.org/meteors.html
>> Look about 75% down the page for the map of that 2m experiment.
>> IGNORE the majority of that page.  It was showing how an emergency
>> response
>> station for example could go to an area of total devastation with all APRS
>> wiped out, and with enough power and persistence could likely get out an
>> emergency email message.  This one time, test is completely different.
>> Bob, WB4APR   bruninga at usna.edu
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