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I'm trying to get YAAC reworked for bursting. As to actually running a beam-antenna transmitter, I was going to climb on the roof to rig it today, but if no one is going to listen, not sure if there's a point in doing so.WA8LMF said he had a turn-key UIview setup.Andrew, KA2DDO

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Subject: Re: APRS Meteor test (TX list)?To: Marshall-K5QE, Bill Booth <ve3nxk, GEO Badger <w3ab, Andrew Pavlin (YAAC), wa8lmf(UIview)Cc: kd4iz at frawg.org>We have seen only a few volunteer TX stations (mostly from the EME reflector) and I dont think I have cpaatured anyone from AMSAT or APRS that have stepped forward,Biggest problem is lack of a turn key TX program for these non APRS volunteers.  No one has said they are ready to TX.Maybe a few of you are working on it, but  Im not hearing anything.  I'm sorry that I am so poor health I cannot organize it better.  Just thought I should summarize the feedback I have gotten.The ADDEE's are high power mostly EME stations.  Did anyone see anyone else that responded as if they were working on something?If we dont have a turnkey TX program, I guess we can stand down.Bob-----------------------------To clarify exactly what a high power TX station needs to send is say 30 copies of the APRS grid format in a single burst  IE send this to the TNC every minute:>GG##gg<CR>>GG##gg<CR>>GG##gg<CR>>GG##gg<CR>...>GG##gg<CR>>GG##gg<CR> The TNC will concatenate probably seven to ten of these at a timel into dense TX packets with only a single TX delay, not 30 delays.  The TNC has UNPROTO set to simply "APRS" no path! And set to CONVErSE..Adjust the number (30?) till the TX burst lasts 15 seconds each minute.The result is 30 complete grids in only 200 milliseconds each.  Hopefully short enough so that occasionally one will get bounced somewhere by the extremely short meteor path bursts at VHF. Point beam to a high ham population density at least 600 miles away. Vertical or Horizontal will work.This  will take special software for the 15  TX stations.  (METEOR-1 through METEOR-15)RX stations need nothing special.  Any APRS software should capture and decode and plot a grid report if received overnight.  All of this on the national channel 144.39 from midniight to 6 AM local timeHere is the report form 1998 event http://aprs.org/APRS-docs/LEONIDS.TXTBob WB4APR

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