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Rafał Antas antas.rafal at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 16:35:08 EST 2020

Hi Guys,

Yea UDP package is working fine thanks for that! but it has some stupid
limitation. ESPEasy GUI I think is not allowing more than 255 characters ..
if you want to send telemetry or more that that it is not allowing  :(

Rafał Antas

sob., 7 mar 2020 o 21:04 Nick VA3NNW <tapr at noseynick.com> napisał(a):

> John Gorkos wrote:
> Instead of using HTTP submit, use UDP packets, on port 8080.
> The format is
> user CALL pass 00000<linefeed>
> <properly formatted “on-air” packet><linefeed>
> You're probably aware, but worth noting: UDP has no confirmation, no ACKs,
> no retries, no reliability at all. It's certainly VERY lightweight, your
> one over-the-air packet is creating exactly one over-the-internet packet as
> well, but you're sending the packet out, and have no idea whether it was
> received at the far end...
> ... on the other hand, the same can probably be said of all ham radio, and
> APRS in particular, so if it already went over-the-air unreliably, the UDP
> might be the least of your worries   :-)
> [...] A little bit of solder and some wire, plus about 10 minutes of
> programming will get you an internet enabled (or APRS-over-TCPIP enabled)
> environmental sensor for under $7 a piece.
> Very cool! I may have missed, have you shared all this online, like on a
> github or anywhere? Would love to hack around with it myself.
> I've often referred to APRS as "IoT a quarter-century ahead of its time"
> :-)
> Nick VA3NNW
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