[aprssig] Voice Alert

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Jul 26 13:10:41 EDT 2020

On 7/26/2020 12:37 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> That is the #1 frustration of Voice alert.
> 1) People enabling it at home so they can hear mobiles coming through but then 
> they are not in the shack 99% of the time and just frustrating others.
> 2) People who set voivcee alert and then turn the volume down! (or forget to 
> turn it back up)

Not to mention that probably 50% of the mobiles out there are dumb (or should I 
really say "deaf") transmit-only trackers that don't expect to receive 
anything. I.e. radio with something like a TinyTrack 3 attached, stuck in the 
trunk or under the seat, with RX volume turned down.

I have noticed a new variation of this problem now developing.    A number of 
the new dual-mode FM/DMR radio claim to "do APRS".  But it turns out all they 
do is act as dumb transmit-only trackers in the APRS mode.  They have no 
ability to either display incoming posits or text on their screen, nor do they 
offer access to the internal data modem for external devices.

I repeat what I have observed from decades repeatedly criss-crossing the 
country from the west coast to the mid-west and back monitoring 144.39:

Voice Alert is a flop with virtually zero uptake within the APRS community (not 
to mention the far larger general ham community), after being promoted for 

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