[aprssig] AGWPE & KPC3

Chris Schwab chris.schwab at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 11:36:53 EDT 2020

So as part of my "roundtuit" projects since we're stuck at home, I'm
trying to revive my old APRS setup and get my weather station back on
the air.

I'm using an old KPC3, and when I use WinAPRS, i'm able to get on the
air with the tnc in command mode. Honestly, I'd be OK running that old
software, but I'd also like the ability to connect via the internet,
and as far as I can tell WinAPRS doesn't have the ability to filter
the feed.

I tried to get AGWPE working, and am successful on the feed, but then
I'm unable to get AGW packet engine to recognize the radio port.  I
have it set to Com2, baud rate 9600 with a radio baud of 1200. TNC
type is KPC3, subtype is Kiss Simple, TNC Port kiss is port 1.  With
those settings I'm unable to get any data back from the TNC. It does
look like the TNC gets put into Kiss mode because I have to use the
alt 192,255,192 sequence to get it back out to work on it in terminal

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong with AGWPE? That's what I'd like
to end up using, but I'm stumped on the radio interface.

Thanks in advance for the help,
Chris N4BSA

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