[aprssig] Hops and iGating?

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Fri Apr 10 11:33:39 EDT 2020

Hawaii has several Kantronics KPC 3 full-time APRS stations.
One on Oahu rarely iGates (and intermittently, at that), but
always digipeats.
Another is "rock solid" in iGating and digipeating. A third is on Maui,
about a mile above sea level, with a Wide3 digipeat. In that manner Hawaii
Island, Maui, and Oahu can
exchange APRS data.

We'd like to "fill in" coverage on Oahu, given all our valleys, and modest

The questions - what is the default algorithm about what gets iGated? Does
a station only get iGated if there are no hops in the APRS packet, for

Our "fill in" stations may not be able to have internet access, so it may
be two hops just to get to an iGate.

I've been through the KPC 3 and 3+ manual online, but see no overt mention
of configuring iGating and hop counts.

Any information welcomed!

Thank you!
73 de KH6CP
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