[aprssig] Using NWS County shapefiles for other packets

Fred Hillhouse fmhillhouse at comcast.net
Wed Apr 8 14:06:04 EDT 2020

>>  I know the NWS is US based. Are other shapefiles available for counties, states, provinces, etc.


>There are several websites that allow you to make shapefiles using OpenStreetMap data.  In fact, you can do it with most of the common desktop GIS software (i.e. QGIS).  Doing that, you could make shapefiles for cities, parishes, states, etc.


I have made shapefiles. The next question would be if clients allow loading alternate shapefiles. There is a lot to learn in that arena.


It was suggested to using the multiline format. That is probably the best case since any client that can decode the multiline format now still work for addition data in that format.


Thank you!


Fred N7FMH

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