[aprssig] Remoting of Radios

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 30 12:05:08 EDT 2019

I saw a clever box at Dayton for remoting Radios and Controls over dozens
of feet.

The interconnecting cable was just standard VGA cables.  The "VGA" boxes
at the radio end had the correct pigtails to plug into the radio and the
"VGA" box at the control location had jacks for the Mic, Control Head,
data, and Speaker, etc.

The cleverness was in using the 3 or 4 internally&seaparately shielded
conductors in standard VGA cables to carry the signals while shielded.

And with the phase out of VGA, there are usually tons of VGA cables
appearing in junk boxes everywhere from ten feet to 100 feet.

So save those VGA chassis mount connectors to take advantage of these easy
to find multiconductor multipurpose "VGA" cables.


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