[aprssig] Monitring aprs "Proximity/Voice Alert!" *at home* -HOW

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 29 16:13:33 EDT 2019

Forwarding the annual Voice Alert frustrations (being discussed over on the
THD74 group).

*Subject:* RE: [Kenwood_TH-D74] monit0ring aprs "Proximity/Voice Alert!" WHY

The way to monitor APRS Voice Alert at home or any fixed station is to
simply use a SEPARASTE VOICE radio (without TNC or packet) only for Voice
Alert.  Leave it monitoring 144.39 with any ole’ NON-data radio with CTCSS
set to 100.

This way, you will hear any VA station in the area which is desireable AND
can respond by picking up the mic, but it will not TX any PL100 on your
packets (which is SO VERY ANOYING  to everyone in the area and anyone
passing through!)

When you hear a mobile VA in the area, call him on the voice radio with
CTCSS 100 set so he will hear you.  Do NOT be tempted to do this with the
packet radio otherwise the danger is of forgetting and leaving the
home/fixed data radio on VA to the irritation of everyone in the area and
everyone that passes throught.

But it takes two radios.  But hey, how many dozen radios does the average
ham have anyway!

And, put the VA Voice radio on your highest and best antenna.  Conversly,
your fixed/home APRS radio does not need to hear anything more than the
local digis anyway.


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On Mon, 27 May 2019 at 15:58, Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
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> Not only what Herb says, but it is Extremely frustrating for a mobile to
hear a VA ping and to return the call and get no response.

My assumption was that I would only have VA on when at home and able
to respond. But I see that it could easily be left on when not

How about having the home radio without VA on 24/7 and having say my
D74 with VA on, switched on only when I was present. That would be
easy to implement. Any problems with that?



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