[aprssig] NWS Warnings for GORDON

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If you look at https://alerts.weather.gov/cap/fl.php?x=1 you will see there are no Immediate, Actual warnings; only Expected, Actual.  Therefore the NWS considers these "Warnings" as "Expected" weather events, not warranting immediate notification of severe weather.  This has been the criteria for creating APRS weather notifications since I took over inserting them many years ago after Dale shut down his weather server.  This tighter criteria was don so APRS notifications would be of the most use to weather spotters without overloading local APRS frequencies.

These "warnings" are available via many avenues for the "casual" observer and don't, IMHO, require tying up local RF frequencies for information that regards non-threatening weather.

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I was just browsing my APRS maps to see what's up with TS GORDON and noticed that there aren't any NWS warning areas showing up along the south coast of Florida?  This doesn't seem right to me so I was wondering if the powers-that-be can check the scripts that extract and inject this information to see if they're working properly.

I DO see some warnings on the Texas coast, so something must be working.

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