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On 8/2/2018 5:55 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> YES, I confused things.  The place to put the frequency and callsign 
> and other info in an OBJECT is in the “comment” field of the position 
> data.
> Then we came up with the more efficient Mic-E format in 1995 or so and 
> confused everyone by calling the 7 pre-selected status bits as 
> COMMENTs, and called what was the Position comment field relabeled as 
> STATUS,  Argh!
> So yes, the added info goes into the comment field for an object and 
> goes into the “status” field when using an APRS radio that transmits 
> the Mic-E protocol.
> Thanks for the catch.
> Bob, Wb4aPR
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> I didn't think auto-tune worked from the STATUS message packets, only 
> in the comment part of a beacon, or as an object.
> I could be wrong tho.
> Randy
> WF5X
> On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 3:27 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu 
> <mailto:bruninga at usna.edu>> wrote:
>     ØI just read your post regarding Using APRS for Hamfest Support.
>     http://aprs.org/hamfest.html
>     Yes, you want two things.  A “HAMFSTxxx” Object say once an hour
>     on the map for a week or so leading up to the event.  And then for
>     the TALKIN station to have an APRS display in front of him so he
>     can SEE people driving to the event who might call in.
>     For the HAMFST object, You want an object that appears on the map
>     as “HAMFSTxxx”.  You can use any APRS software or radio to do
>     this.  You want to start transmitting it at least once an hour for
>     the week or so leading up to the event. Maybe
>     Since every hamfest in the world will be using the same object
>     name “HFEST-xxx” you want to choose xxx to be unique so it doesn’t
>     pingpong all over the world. That all fits in the 9 character
>     field limitation for an object.
>     Use an APRS client that is on the air continuously to post the object.
>     Another way without requiring an APRS base station is to just use
>     an APRS radio (no attached APRS software) to generate the object,
>     then only the new Kenwood THD74 can actually generate an object. 
>     But you can cheat and use any other APRS radio to generate the
>     object, but WITHOUT the xxx.  Because you will change the callsign
>     of the radio to HAMFST-xx where xx is now the SSID number from 1
>     to 15 and “HAMFST” is the 6 character call.  This still makes it
>     unique, but then if everyone that is going to have a weekend
>     hamfest on the 15^th , uses 15, then it is not unique at all.  SO
>     make something up.
>     And to make that fake callsign(object) legal, be sure to put the
>     legal callsign in the STATUS text.  In the status text is where
>     you can say … “WNXYZ, on 16 Sept” for example.
>     Then the other thing is to be sure that your TALKIN also has a PC
>     in front of him.  And that the callsign of that station is TALKIN
>     and be sure to put the repeater frequency in the STATUS text  in
>     the format 146.940MHz de WBXYZ so that all mobiles can auto-tune
>     to that frequency easily while driving.
>     The HAMFST object ideas all use the object formats on the web page:
>     http://aprs.org/localinfo.html which is a firehose of information
>     Bob, WB4aPR
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>     *Subject:* APRS for our Hamfest
>     Good Afternoon,
>     I just read your excellent blog post regarding Using APRS for
>     Hamfest Support.  The Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club will be
>     hosting the ARRL Southern New Jersey Section Convention and
>     Hamfest on Sunday, September 16, 2018.  This will be the 40^th
>     anniversary of our Hamfest.  I am interested in using APRS for
>     promotion of this event.  Where can I find information on the
>     mechanics of posting this event on aprs.if?  Or is there another
>     way to do this.  I do have a ZUMSPOT and noticed it can post APRS
>     locations.  I wonder if we can use our club call sign to post the
>     site of the hamfest?
>     Thanks for any help you can offer.
>     Mark H. Gottlieb, WA2DIY
>     GCARC
>     hamfestgroup at w2mmd.org <mailto:hamfestgroup at w2mmd.org>
>     www.w2mmd.org <http://www.w2mmd.org>
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