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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
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YES, I confused things.  The place to put the frequency and callsign and
other info in an OBJECT is in the “comment” field of the position data.

Then we came up with the more efficient Mic-E format in 1995 or so and
confused everyone by calling the 7 pre-selected status bits as COMMENTs,
and called what was the Position comment field relabeled as STATUS,  Argh!

So yes, the added info goes into the comment field for an object and goes
into the “status” field when using an APRS radio that transmits the Mic-E

Thanks for the catch.

Bob, Wb4aPR

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I didn't think auto-tune worked from the STATUS message packets, only in
the comment part of a beacon, or as an object.

I could be wrong tho.



On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 3:27 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

Ø  I just read your post regarding Using APRS for Hamfest Support.


Yes, you want two things.  A “HAMFSTxxx” Object say once an hour on the map
for a week or so leading up to the event.  And then for the TALKIN station
to have an APRS display in front of him so he can SEE people driving to the
event who might call in.

For the HAMFST object,  You want an object that appears on the map as
“HAMFSTxxx”.  You can use any APRS software or radio to do this.  You want
to start transmitting it at least once an hour for the week or so leading
up to the event. Maybe

Since every hamfest in the world will be using the same object name
“HFEST-xxx” you want to choose xxx to be unique so it doesn’t pingpong all
over the world. That all fits in the 9 character field limitation for an

Use an APRS client that is on the air continuously to post the object.

Another way without requiring an APRS base station is to just use an APRS
radio (no attached APRS software) to generate the object, then only the new
Kenwood THD74 can actually generate an object.  But you can cheat and use
any other APRS radio to generate the object, but WITHOUT the xxx.  Because
you will change the callsign of the radio to HAMFST-xx where xx is now the
SSID number from 1 to 15 and “HAMFST” is the 6 character call.  This still
makes it unique, but then if everyone that is going to have a weekend
hamfest on the 15th, uses 15, then it is not unique at all.  SO make
something up.

And to make that fake callsign(object) legal, be sure to put the legal
callsign in the STATUS text.  In the status text is where you can say …
“WNXYZ, on 16 Sept” for example.

Then the other thing is to be sure that your TALKIN also has a PC in front
of him.  And that the callsign of that station is TALKIN and be sure to put
the repeater frequency in the STATUS text  in the format 146.940MHz de
WBXYZ so that all mobiles can auto-tune to that frequency easily while

The HAMFST object ideas all use the object formats on the web page:

http://aprs.org/localinfo.html which is a firehose of information

Bob, WB4aPR

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*Subject:* APRS for our Hamfest

Good Afternoon,

I just read your excellent blog post regarding Using APRS for Hamfest
Support.  The Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club will be hosting the ARRL
Southern New Jersey Section Convention and Hamfest on Sunday, September 16,
2018.  This will be the 40thanniversary of our Hamfest.  I am interested in
using APRS for promotion of this event.  Where can I find information on
the mechanics of posting this event on aprs.if?  Or is there another way to
do this.  I do have a ZUMSPOT and noticed it can post APRS locations.  I
wonder if we can use our club call sign to post the site of the hamfest?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Mark H. Gottlieb, WA2DIY


hamfestgroup at w2mmd.org



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