[aprssig] APRS digis in New HAVEN ct (not?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 31 17:47:00 EDT 2017

I was glad to see a digi right by the tracks of the AMTRAK eastern
corridor from Wash DC to Boston... my only chance to get a packet out
from my HT on the train.

But although I hit NE1CU-1 multiple times as we sailed past, none of
the packets appear to have made it to the APRS-IS.    THough NE1CU-1
seems to make it fine.

THen I looked at PHG circles, and neither NE1CU-1 nor the other
nearest fill-in-digi N1KGM-1 were showing any PHG info, so I could not
see their ranges.  But PHG circles from main-line digis all seem to
intersect at New Haven making it appear to be on the distant edge of
everything.  These fill-in digis are needed... just wondering why they
didnt work for me.  I cheecked my path....

So my only guess is that somehow NE1CU-1 might be set to TRAP wide 1-1
packets and not send them on?

My station was WB4APR-7, my path was WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1.  Time is 1740 EDT

On a 6 hour train ride it would be nice to get one packet out so my
family can see me coming.


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