[aprssig] Multiple TNC's connected to one radio

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 14:58:27 EDT 2017

>>  I would like to connect 2 tnc's to one radio. One would be
>> transmitt/recieve and the other recieve only. This would be to test the
>> decoding of a couple different tnc's.

Instead of running a live test that you cannot repeat - how about
making an audio capture of the radio stream and playing that back into
the TNC's.

To start with - there are some existing files and notes on the process:

* http://wa8lmf.net/TNCtest/

* https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf/tree/master/doc - check the PDF
for the wa8lmf test cd with updated notes.

Bill, WA7NWP

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