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Well, I did this at a JOTA a few years ago, using my own program YAAC connected to my Kenwood D710 mobile rig.  Unfortunately, I hadn't written the sounds plugin yet back then, so I missed a few QSO requests that were Tx-I-gated to me from the other side of the planet (we had an HF rig on the same table as the VHF/UHF/APRS rig). It would have been nice to have the computer audibly announce the QSO requests as they arrived. At least, the sounds plugin is available now.
YAAC supports a wide variety of filtering options. The problem is figuring out what all your JOTA stations will have in common. 
Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck, have a good time.
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDOauthor of YAAChttp://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html

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Hi Bob, all,

Yes, CQSRVR is what I was thinking of.

Procedures...?   I presume Saturday morning when our event starts (10am
PDT), I send out the CQ JOTA message with some sort of text announcing
our event.  I should have my own station set up as K6J (our special
event call), with no SSID. 

I guess doing this from my HT (Kenwood D74) would be best, but I can't
imagine the bazillion button presses it would take to do so, especially
since the destination will change for each message, and the Kenwood
doesn't pair to a Bluetooth keyboard.  Also, the Kenwood's display won't
work well in a crowd.  So, the plan would be to do it from a laptop. 
APRSIS32 will be running there, with a big monitor or projector showing
the results.  Maybe I can use the D74 HT with a different SSID to do a
few messages on RF, just to show it can be done.  We have good RF
coverage to the IS at the site.

Question:  How can I add a filter so that the stations on the map are
only those who are participating in the JOTA event?  I think that would
be really cool.

Any other things to do?  Any hints from those who have done this before?


Greg  KO6TH  (aka K6J on 10/21).

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Your thinking of CQSRVR where APRS stations anywhere can CQ all other like
> stations.
> Just send an APRS message to CQSRVR and the first two words are CQ JOTA ...
> That will go to evry other such station that has done the same thing.  When
> you see any responses, be sure to send them a directed email message.
> But unless you announce this on the Scouting lists or school club roundups,
> few will know about it.  What list is best and Ill make the announcem,ent
> bob
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> Hi folks,
> In the past, I vaguely recall that there are ways to use APRS for the
> Scouting "Jamboree on the Air" event.  I'm involved with a local club's
> effort this year to host a multi-mode Ham event, and thought APRS would be
> good to include.
> I've verified that I do have good APRS coverage at the site, including
> access to IS via the Digi / iGate infrastructure.  I am thinking to have a
> large display of APRS-IS running - every kid will recognize and relate to a
> live "marauder's map".  I figure we can do something with my Kenwood HT to
> send messages, perhaps bounce off the email service to send a message to
> their (or their parent's) cell phone.  Also from the IS to the Kenwood.  I
> may try to bounce something off the ISS, if they turn on the Digi up there
> in time.  There's only one of me (the others are running different HF
> stations), so communicating between stations at the event would be a
> one-hand-clapping sort of show.
> Isn't there also a service of some sort where the kids can message each
> other?
> Thanks,
> Greg  KO6TH
> p.s.   Look for us as K6J on the weekend of 10/21!
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