[aprssig] Time stamps and Mic-E

Matthew Chambers mchambers at showmeham.info
Mon Oct 16 16:20:37 EDT 2017

If I’m asking a question that doesn’t belong here, disregard. I did a quick (but not horribly thorough Google search) and came up fairly empty, mostly hits of sites trying to sell me Mic-E APRS TAPR boards?

I’m currently using a Tiny Trak 4 TNC set to transmit my location on smart beacon using Mic-E compressed format. I have a script that polls APRS.FI every 5 minutes and if the timestamp on my most recent location packet has changed since the last polling it then checks for a change of location and updates my status on a popular micro-blogging site. I just drove 160miles over the last 6 hours and expected to see several updates but I have not seen one, and my script reports that the timestamp on my packets did not change! 

I can’t tell from the raw data on APRS.FI as I can’t read Mic-E packets. Am I missing something? And if anyone has a link to the Mic-E specs, I’d appreciate a link. I think I might try to change my settings on my Tiny Trak 4 to standard uncompressed APRS for the return trip and see if anything changes. 

Thanks de NR0Q

Matthew Chambers, CBT
Broadcast Engineer / Radio Technician

SBE Certified Broadcast Technologist

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