[aprssig] Weather - rain gauge "in/mm/tips since last reset"

Nick Waterman tapr at noseynick.com
Wed Oct 11 09:45:12 EDT 2017

LMK if I should be asking this on a CWOP mailing list rather than APRS

APRS weather reports appear to have 3 or 4 ways to describe rain:

rNNN = rainfall (in hundredths of an inch) in the last hour.
pNNN = rainfall (in hundredths of an inch) in the last 24 hours.
PNNN = rainfall (in hundredths of an inch) since midnight.

I also see: # = raw rain counter

ALMOST every weather station I've encountered reports something akin to
"bucket tips since last reset", which can be easily multiplied by N to
get attoparsecs or surreal non-ISO unit of choice, BUT needs STATE to
store the value at last midnight (local, not UTC, I think?).

If one wanted to transmit "hundredths of inches since last reset",
stateless... is "#" the only option? Is it well supported? Are there
specific units to use?

If one wanted to transmit "in the last hour / 24hrs", presumably the
only options are to store a history of readings?

If one wants to transmit "since midnight", presumably we need to store
at least 1 count per station each day?



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