[aprssig] ​Remote weather stations

Mark Conner mconner1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 13:51:23 EST 2017

In my own case, this would be useful.  I have a Davis weather station that
is connected to the internet via Meteobridge as N9XTN-3 - the Meteobridge
sends reports to APRS-IS, Weather Underground, and a couple other places.
I also have a TNC-Pi I-gate as N9XTN on the same WiFi network but not
physically close to each other.  I'd like to reverse-gate my weather
station to RF.   I think I can do that with the TNC-Pi and aprx, but
haven't looked that hard on how to do it yet.

"Normally" I would hook my weather station up to my I-gate software and let
it go out on RF directly, but I don't have a good way of doing that with my
setup and I like the Meteobridge functionality.

Whether gating arbitrary weather data to RF is a good idea would be a local

73 de Mark N9XTN

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> Remote weather stations
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> I just got an interesting request from one of the users of my APRS
> software for an odd new capability. Specifically, they wanted to be able to
> Tx-I-gate weather data from weather stations only connected to APRS-IS
> (i.e., without radios).
> This request seems like something that would clutter the local RF channel
> without adding value.
> However, it did bring up another related question: can weather be reported
> as APRS Objects rather than as station position reports? This would make
> sense if the weather sensors were not co-located with the radio station,
> but were a distance away sufficiently large that assuming co-location would
> introduce noticeable error.
> Just curious whether NWS and other consumers of APRS-transferred weather
> data would be able to process APRS Objects with weather data in them. I'm
> assuming such Objects would use the APRS weather station symbol code.
> Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC
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