[aprssig] Remote weather stations

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Fri Mar 10 10:42:53 EST 2017

I just got an interesting request from one of the users of my APRS software for an odd new capability. Specifically, they wanted to be able to Tx-I-gate weather data from weather stations only connected to APRS-IS (i.e., without radios).
This request seems like something that would clutter the local RF channel without adding value.
However, it did bring up another related question: can weather be reported as APRS Objects rather than as station position reports? This would make sense if the weather sensors were not co-located with the radio station, but were a distance away sufficiently large that assuming co-location would introduce noticeable error.
Just curious whether NWS and other consumers of APRS-transferred weather data would be able to process APRS Objects with weather data in them. I'm assuming such Objects would use the APRS weather station symbol code.
Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC
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