[aprssig] New Project: WHERE-IS

K4FHK k4fhk at knobbe.us
Thu Mar 9 00:44:39 EST 2017

On Wed, 2017-03-08 at 21:32 -0800, Kenneth Finnegan wrote:
> The callsign I would like to use is "WHERE" (and by extension,
> > WHERE-
> > IS). Just like WHO-IS is being used for callsign->name look-ups, I
> > would like to use WHERE for this project. (It does not appear that
> > anyone has been using it in the last two years). Can I just roll
> > with
> > it, or is there a process to claim use of this callsign?
> There's no formal process for reserving global tactical calls. I'd
> say as
> long as you find no evidence of it being used by someone else (with a
> time
> allowance for servers dying and being offline for a few weeks like
> you did)
> and you put something up which beacons periodically (as simple as a
> 0,0
> "NULL" location every hour would do) you've claimed it in my book.

Thanks. Sounds like deal then. I'll set up an APRS-IS only beacon
tomorrow and change over to WHERE.

> The tool sounds neat. My one word of warning would be that, since the
> difference between APRS callsigns and AX.25 callsigns hasn't always
> been
> well defined, some RF users (particularly with radios with APRS built
> in)
> won't be able to address a message to an SSID outside 1-15. You might
> want
> to have it support a numeric SSID as another alias as well, or come
> to
> terms with having users complain that they can't reach your service.

Good point. "WHERE" (without SSID) should work nicely then. 

Thanks again!

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