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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 6 11:04:41 EST 2017

We think that 6m APRS is an ideal applicataion... especially when 100W
mobile low-band surplus radios are so cheap.  A guy got 100 of them for $10
each.  But then he had to modify them and add TNC's.

Although this is ideal for mobile for longer distances than 2m, the problem
is there will never be enough infrastrucuter for travel out of area except
in local areas that embrace it.

A better idea for 6m radio is for emergency APRS communications at all
operatinos centers.  Hams will want to use 2m and 70c bands for voice and so
we do not want APRS messaging and tactical situational awareness objects to

SO best to have 6m APRS at all emergency comms sites as a 3rd band for
interchange between all emergency comm sites.  The sites will of course,
MONITOR 144.39 national frequency so they can see all incoming APRS tactical
situation, but their messaging between emergency centers on 6m would not
interfere with other voice ops on 2m and 70cm.

Bob, WB4aPR

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Hi Bob,

My name is Gilles, VE2GQF and live in Sherbrooke, Québec and an aprs
enthousiat since the begening !

We are interested to try APRS on 6 m band in Quebec province. Is it a good
idea ? Is this mode on this band is always used ?  Internet seem to be have
no large information about it ?

I'm going to Florida in few days, is there always any 6 m APRS Igate near
Washington and  Georgia - If yes I will transmet APRS 6 m beacon in my trip.

Thank's for your answer and sorry if my english is not good, this is not my
first langage.

73's Gilles ve2gqf

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