[aprssig] Documenting the APRS Generic Digipeating spec?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 5 15:18:57 EST 2017

APRS Authors:

We all came up with the “Generic-digipeating” concepts for APRS in 1995 or
so and is pretty well established in most modern TNC’s

But its been so long and maybe I am having a senior moment, but I am
drawing a blank in trying to think where it is actually documented in
AX.25!??  The APRS spec only addresses the data formats (and the use of the
AX.25 Destination callsign field in its non-standard way).  The APRS spec
(I don’t think) addresses any of the generic digipeating techniques used.

I think we need to nail this down by spec, since there are some weird
implementations that cause confusion.  And if there are new ideas we want
to add, then we should have a documented baseline starting point.

We could call it AX.25-UI for clarification.

My source for how this all works is my decade old
http://aprs.org/fix14439.html web page.

Is there another better starting point for extracting exactly what UI
digipeating is?

Or am I having a senior moment?

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