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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Jan 3 12:11:58 EST 2017

On 1/3/2017 9:52 AM, Jim Conrad wrote:
> Hi Pete,
> Thanks for the response. I understand the issue on saturation. I have set it up
> to only gate positions and with limitations. My thought process is that
> positions no matter the source of actual hams (not objects) should be reflected
> on RF which provides a coherent picture for the RF stations. At present there
> are only a few stations in my area using TCPIP. It also appears I am the only
> IGATE for a fairly large area. I monitor the RF side to make sure there is not
> any saturation (from my IGATE anyway).
> The Microsat WX3in1 has settings to prevent such issues. It is quite a well
> thought out device The default setup is as follows;
> APRS-IS to RF:
> WIDE2-1
> Gate if source station heard by heard via RF - No
> RF Heard Buffer timeout 60min
> Maximum packets per 1 min: 6
> Maximum packets per 2 min: 9
> Maximum packets per 3 min: 12

Conventional "reverse-gating" (APRS-IS-to-RF) addresses MESSAGING between two 
specific stations,   not one-way position BEACONS to no one in particular.

The usual rule is to gate from IS-to-RF --ONLY IF-- the RF station being 
addressed "has been heard recently and nearby".  This usually means within 
30-60 mins and heard either direct or only one digi hop.

How are you dealing with the issue of Internet-only APRS stations that are just 
blasting out one-way beacons, and NOT addressing a specific station to be 
tested for on RF?

Are you going to take the coordinates of each APRS-IS station's beacon, 
calculate how far from your igate's position each one is,  and then 
reverse-gate only stations within say 10 miles of your igate?

Or are you going to use a "buddy list" of previously-authorized calls to limit 
who gets gated?


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