[aprssig] Standardized format of WX data in APRS?

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There are 3 more or less standard on-air formats:
1. The format appended to a position report where the symbol code is _ (underscore), starting with the course/speed which applies to the wind rather than the station, and followed by other parameters prefixed by a letter code (indicating the field contents) followed by 2 to 5 decimal digits of the value (these digits may be replaced by periods (.) if the value is currently unavailable.
2. The same format with a _ for the message type, a timestamp, and the same weather format as described above. This is called the positionless weather report and is used for stations whose symbol code is not the weather station's underscore. Such stations also need to transmit some form of position report.
3. Raw Peet Bros Ultimeter weather station format, starting with either $ULTW, or !!(either of which can be differentiated from raw GPS data or standard position reports by the 2nd character.
Weather instruments using any other format must be translated to one of these formats before transmitting on APRS.
Hope that helps.
Andrew , KA2DDOauthor of YAAC 

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Hello there,

As a beginner in this field, I wonder if there is just a single 
'standard' in data formats of weather stations used in APRS, or there 
are more standard formats. Any document about? I ask that because some 
meteorology equipment producers asked me about the way the weather data 
would be read in APRS. And I did not know anything about. In addition, I 
noticed differences in how WX stations present their data: Some show 
only the temperature reading (it is usually close to their callsign on 
the map), while some other stations give more weather details. Is that 
related to the WX equipment (the number & quality of sensors), or the 
'translation' of data from the sensors, or it is related to the WX 
station operator's software? Tnx.

Misko YT7MPB
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