[aprssig] Sharing GPS

Michael Barnes barnmichael at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 14:03:06 EST 2017

I am trying to put together an APRS station in my vehicle. I have a
Raspberry Pi 3 with a TNC Pi mounted with a 7" touch screen in a Smarti-Pi
Touch case. I plan to run the latest Raspbian distro and Xastir software. I
have a USB GPS receiver for the necessary location and timing data. I will
be using a Kenwood TH-G71 on 144.390 for the radio.

Also in the vehicle, I will be installing an Icom IC-7100 ham transceiver
and a Uniden BCT-15X scanner. Both the Icom and Uniden radios have serial
GPS inputs for location data.

I'm thinking there must be some way to get a serial output from the RPi to
feed the other radios. I do not have the other radios in hand yet, so I am
not sure of the exact interfacing required, only that is is serial data. I
am assuming at this time it is simply a data stream input from the GPS
receiver, so the two inputs may likely be a basic parallel connection.

Comments, suggestion, and ideas appreciated.

Michael WA7SKG
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