[aprssig] NMEA and WX stations

Tom Russo russo at bogodyn.org
Thu Dec 21 15:30:47 EST 2017

On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 08:23:20PM +0100, we recorded a bogon-computron collision of the <skoric at uns.ac.rs> flavor, containing:
> On 12/15/2017 01:26 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> > The most convenient and broadest supported weather information 
> > interchange that is APRS compatible is the wxnow.txt file.?? If your 
> > weather station (or 3rd party) software can generate this file, most 
> > APRS clients can pick it up and beacon weather.
> > 
> > Some software supports various native weather station protocols, but I 
> > cannot enumerate them personally.
> > 
> > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
> > 
> > PS.?? See also http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/doc:weather-stations and 
> > http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/Wxnow.txt
> > 
> Lynn, others ...
> I have checked those links. As I understood, at first wxnow.txt file 
> must be created. And it will only contain these 2 lines after the 
> weather monitoring starts for the first time. So it only contains one 
> data set. And if I want to get permanently updated data, does a new file 
> has to be created with every new data? Or is the file permanently 
> overwritten? Or is the new data appended?

The file is updated so that at any given time it contains 2 lines.

One program that uses the format has some decent documentation:


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