[aprssig] It's that time again. (at least consider an EV)

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Drive from Ocean City to Deep Creek Lake and get back to me on tiny.
Rhode Island is tiny. We also have a lot of people doing very long commutes. 30-50 miles each way would not be unusual at all. My office has people commuting from at least 3 different states.

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> Maryland is a *tiny* state.  You're #42 out of 50 by land area.  A lot 
> of people have commutes  that are much longer than 15 miles in those 
> big states.  Half the people here at work commute at least 30 miles one-way.
>  A third commute over 50 miles because housing costs don't let them 
> live closer.  And this goes hand-in-hand with....

I'm in Oklahoma - about 12x the size of Maryland -- and have a ~23 mile round-trip commute.  If I worked in Nearby Large City, my round trip would go to ~67 miles, still within a Leaf's range.  And that's without plugging in at work.

There will ALWAYS be people who can't use a car with an 80-mile range between full charges but MOST people in the USA could easily do that.

"But what if I want to take a trip?" they breathlessly exclaim.  Rent a gas car.

But hey, if you can't reconcile the fact that you could easily live within a Leaf's 80-mile range between full charges (without changing your lifestyle) for 50 weeks a year because of that 500-mile trip you take the other two weeks, then just keep on doing what you're doing.
One less electric car isn't going to make any difference to the atmosphere.

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